Professional Soft Washing & Window Cleaning 

Professional Soft Washing & Window Cleaning 


Roof Soft Washing in The Woodlands, Texas 

What is Roof Soft Washing?

Roof Washing is a Soft Solution Application that will remove the mold and dirt buildup safely and effectively.

The process is as follows

1. Apply a Safe Solution

2. Hydrate Roof Shingles

3. Re-Apply on Problem Areas

4. Hydrate Accordingly 

While we are cleaning your roof we always have technicians on the ground to ensure all vegetation receives proper hydration. 

Roof Cleaning is recommended at least once every 5-7 years. 

 Incredible Before and After results of Roof Washing in The Woodlands, Tx

Over time mold and lichen will build up on your roof just as it does in your driveway. Here is a recent job where we soft washed the clay tile roof. Always using low pressure and safe application methods. We hydrate the plants around your home, rinse, and re-coat solution to ensure you the best results.   


Here is an after picture of the same house. Isn’t it incredible the change in appearance? Please note we not only soft washed the roof, we also soft washed the house! 

Roof Soft Washing is safe for both asphalt shingle roofs, and clay/ceramic styles. 

List of Primary Services

Roof Wash

House Soft Wash/Windows


Backyard / Deck / Pool Area


Get complete Coverage Cleaning for your Home

We May Offer Package Deals For

Roof + House Soft Wash + Gutter Cleaning

House Soft Wash + Driveway + Windows

House Soft Wash + Back Patio/Deck/Pool Area 

House Soft Wash

Soft Washing Homes is similar to roof washing. We apply solution and rinse. It’s no different than going to get your car washed except on a grander scale and we come to you!

It’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it

Living in south Texas comes with its fair share of humidity, such a warm wet environment is ideal for mold to grow on homes. Maintaining it can be a chore and may not yield the desired result. That’s where we come in, we have commercial grade equipment and we leave your house feeling fresher than the day you bought it.