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4 Dec 2014

   Today I spent most of my day making sure everyone can find me. I check all the major Local Listing Site for correct information and I manage to upload my new commercial directly to my page.


I still could not figure a direct load to my Google Plus Page. However, I did get my new Simplified google address.


Now, tomorrow, I need to start passing out Flyers in The Woodlands, Tx. I will likely start in Aldin Bridge area unless anyone would like to see my start on their street. It is a great coupon flyer.

6 Oct 2020
3 Dec 2014

 Jeff Wong has my new commercial finished. 

6 Oct 2020
1 Dec 2014
Starting a Pressure Washing Service in The Woodlands, Texas
Starting a Pressure Washing Service in The Woodlands, Texas

 Hello The Woodlands,

I am Steve Henderson, the owner of Amazing Power Wash.  

I have been in the Power Washing Industry for over 25 years. I have built up a Pressure Washing Service and Window Cleaning Service in different location, then sold them. My last location was Kingwood, Tx under the name Mr Suds. I sold that business 2 years ago to take a break from the 17 years servicing there. I am now ready to start to make the fine folks of The Woodlands, Tx enjoy fine quality, and on time service. 

This will be the first time I have ever use a journal. I will attempt to log something at least each week.

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